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Kickstarter Profile: Crowsworn

July 29, 2021


Crowsworn—A Dark and Mysterious Action Packed Metroidvania


Mongoose Rodeo


$443,165 (Fully funded at time of publishing)


“Explore a grim fantasy world inhabited by men and monsters alike in this action-packed Metroidvania inspired by Hollow Knight, Bloodborne, and Devil May Cry! Crowsworn is a hand-drawn Metroidvania with a strong design emphasis on explorative platforming, immersive combat, and compelling storytelling.” – Mongoose Rodeo


The gameplay footage for Crowsworn looks amazing—platforming and action both. As someone who has been looking forward to Hollow Knight’s sequel Silksong for some time, with no release date still, this game brings me hope of a new challenging platformer on the horizon. Most of what is left to the developers “is to illustrate and develop the remaining elements of the massive world [they] want to create.” There is the chance that the game will be ready before its predicted finish in December of 2023. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that it gets here sooner rather than later and plays as good as it looks.

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