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Hoptown Spidey

November 22, 2021

Hailing from Yakima, Washington, cosplayer Matt Hunter combines a love of craft beer and 90’s era nostalgia through his pseudonym, Hoptown Spidey. Matt has been a force of positivity in the cosplay scene for about 6 years and strives to continue to inspire others in this way.

Among his most recognizable costumes, Matt’s Lord Drakkon cosplay has received high praise from his followers and was also featured on the cover of a Lord Drakkon #1 variant comic issue. He has described the reaction he gets in this costume from kids and “kids at heart” as one of the main reasons he became so involved in cosplay.

An image of Hoptown Spidey cosplaying Lord Drakkon

Credit: @kickassdesigns

“As far as creativity, I’m not sure I can offer much to make an impact on the community considering the insane amount of talent there currently is with other cosplayers I look up to,” Matt shared. “But a cosplayer once told me that I’m the ‘big brother’ of the cosplay community, that I’m someone they can rely on and makes the community feel like a safer space to be in. That meant so much and I’d love it if I could make that kind of impact on the community.”

Matt first took a dive into the creative world of cosplay before Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released, when he made his own Kylo Ren costume, since none were yet available that he liked. From then on, with research and time, he learned to work with crafting foam and has since created works inspired by Power Rangers, Mortal Kombat, My Hero Academia, and most recognizably, Spider-Man.

His work showcases not only his talent and appreciation for his craft, but also that of photographers and other artists he’s collaborated with. A glance at Matt’s Instagram page shows how together, they bring our favorite comic book pages, shows, and movies to life. He describes these relationships with other creators as a “surreal experience,” and one of his favorite things about cosplay in general.

An image of Hoptown Spidey as Sub-Zero


Matt’s most recent work, including his interpretation of Mortal Kombat’s Sub-Zero, as well as progress on his upcoming DC Comics-related project, can be seen on his Instagram, @hoptownspidey.

A cosplay of Superior Spider-Man

Credit: @davidvalezphotography

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