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Halloween Movies Of 2022

October 21, 2022

2022 is almost over, and with it came a ton of scary movies to get your heart pumping. Whether you're a scary movie lover or want to get down with a Halloween Movie Marathon with your besties and looking for ideas, you're in the right place. From remakes of cult classics to introductions of new scare factors, 2022 movies came in with a bang. Here's an incredible list of 2022 scary and Halloween-themed movies for you to binge this spooky season.

The epic ghostface killer is back again in this cult classic horror flick, with this being the 5th installment of the Scream movies. This 2022 movie introduces a new ghostface killer with ties to the OG knife wielder. Twenty-five years after the original premiered, we're left with a few members of the original cast and new additions to the franchise.

The promotional image for Fresh

Credit: Disney+, Searchlight Pictures

A romantic meet-cute turns into a chilling thriller in this movie as a weekend getaway turns out to be more than what Noa plans for. The film follows Noa, who is tired of dating apps and suddenly finds someone in Steven when they meet at the grocery store, or so she thought. During a romantic getaway, things turn for the worse as Noa finds out about Steve's odd taste or, more aptly, his warped appetite. A thrilling movie that makes you question everything.

An image for the Marvel movie Morbius

Credit: Marvel

A slightly different vibe from the rest of the list but still keeps to the Halloween theme with a superhero twist. This Marvel Movie is a perfect addition cause it gives you that superhero edge in a vampire movie, blurring the lines between the heroes and villains. The film stars Jared Leto as Dr Morbius, who tries to cure his genetic blood disorder and turns into a vampire.

Leatherface running with his chainsaw on the image for Texas Chainsaw MAssacre

Credit: Legendary Pictures

Texas Chainsaw Massacre:
This classic slasher series is back, and it revolves around Leatherface. This movie is the sequel to the 1974 movie of the same name that revolves around Leatherface and a new set of victims. Bringing back iconic characters and gruesome scenes, this is streaming exclusively on Netflix.

The promotional image for Choose or Die

Credit: Stigma Films

Choose or Die:
Reminiscent of Jumanji except more horrifying and with higher stakes, choose or die brings up the question of if video games can kill. The story follows Kayla as she uncovers this 80's video game after being fired from her job, which has a mysterious cash prize for the winner, and she begins playing with the help of her friend. As the game progresses, they discover that what they're playing is no game.

The cover to the 2022 film Men

Credit: DNA Films

This new house of horrors follows a widow who goes to a cottage in the English countryside to recover from her grief. All is as well as it could be until a faithful day on a walk through the woods, she discovers that a man follows her out and is stalking her every move; the show gets dark and twisted very quickly.

The cover image for the 2022 horror film Nope

Credit: Monkeypaw Productions

From the producer Jordan Peele we get the movie Nope; given his hair-raising and scream-provoking history, it gives hope to how scary and thrilling this movie will be for Horror lovers, with his previous projects like getting Out being box office gems. The film teases extraterrestrial action and the shrilling screams of Keke Palmer.

The cover of the 2022 film Bodies Bodies Bodies

Credit: Sony Pictures

Bodies Bodies Bodies:
This movie takes place in a secluded mansion where a group of rich young friends plan a hurricane party. But their fun and carefree vacation takes a dark and twisted turn. They play the game "Bodies Bodies Bodies," a pretend murder-style game, and things become all too real when someone is killed. A star-studded affair with Amandla Stenberg and Pete Davidson being among the cast. A humorous take on murder and mystery, it's sure to be viewers' favourite.

Idras Elba in the center as a doctor in the movie Beast

Credit: Universal Pictures

Dr. Nate Samuels takes his two teenage daughters on a trip to the savanna of South Africa following the tragic death of his wife. Looking forward to spending time as a family while sharing his wife's memory, Nate could never truly have prepared for the violent, vicious lion that attacks any human in its path and begins to stalk his family. This story is truly for those into an adventure story with blood and gore.

Orphan: First Kill:
If you're still thinking about the frights and chills that unfold in Orphan, the 2009 horror film starring Isabelle Fuhrman, then you need to stream Orphan: First Kill on Paramount+. The thriller is the prequel to Orphan, chronicling Esther's origin story as she escapes from a psychiatric facility in Estonia, where she begins to unleash her evil reign of terror.

Dr. Rose Cotter scrambles to find the reasoning behind a string of terrifying and unsettling incidents which begin to occur after she witnesses the brutal death of one of her patients. We're still a couple of months out from its release, so it's hard to tell how great it is, but the trailer contains some of the most petrifying scenes you've ever seen in two minutes and 24 seconds; the type to make your blood run cold and send shivers up your spine.

The cover for Hocus Pocus 2

Credit: Disney+

Hocus Pocus 2:
I’d be remiss if I didn’t add this to the list; it's not the most blood-curdling film on this list, but Hocus Pocus 2 is definitely one of the most anticipated. Twenty-nine years after the beloved original premiered, the Sanderson Sisters return to modern-day Salem after three teens accidentally conjure them up. With the icons Kathy Najimy, Bette Midler, and Sarah Jessica Parker reprising their roles in the sequel as spellbinding sisters, it's a highly anticipated watch.

Now that we're fully into the spooky season, you have a list of movies to cuddle up in the dark and get scared to or laugh your loudest to with this list. There's a little of everything, and no matter what you love in movies, there's something for everyone; for the added spice of true crime, watch the highly publicized Dahmer series for more creeps.

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