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Games Worth Playing: Friday The 13th

October 11, 2021

There are thousands of video games out there, but what’s worth playing? Today let’s talk about:

Friday the 13th : The Game

Playable on: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Published by Gun Media

Friday the 13th is an excellent unbalanced or asymmetrical multiplayer game (though you can play it alone with the computer AI) where there are a group of counselors and Jason Voorhees. The counselors try not to die, and Jason tries to kill them. There is no plot, there is no story, it’s just carnage, adrenaline, and a ton of fun.

It’s really two very different games, so let’s talk about each of them.

The Counselors:
You play as one of the various counselors of your choice. You can play as any of them, and players can be the same character as you and that is a nice feature, and you unlock more characters as you play and level up. Each has different strengths and weaknesses; Kenny is average in everything, Vanessa is super-fast but her footsteps are loud, Deborah can repair broken things around the camp but is slow, and Chad is a lucky rich kid scaredy cat.

A counselor screaming in terror

Credit: Gun Media

As a counselor, you are just trying NOT to die. You can repair the car or the boat, you can call the police and escape on foot, you can just try to avoid Jason for 20 minutes (not as easy as it sounds) or kill Jason by doing a specific set of tasks. You want to be looking for things to either repair or things that will help you escape, like the gas can or car battery, but looking in drawers will find you all sorts of goodies like pocket knives to protect you from Jason grabbing you, first aid spray, and the car keys or fuse for the phone box.

Jason’s job is to kill the counselors. He can strike them with his weapon du jour or he can grab them and shove their faces into fireplaces, impale them on tree branches, drown them in the lake, or so many other various sorts of kills from the movies.

Jason shoving a victim into a fireplace

Credit: Gun Media


Jason can’t be everywhere at once, so he has traps to place on the ground to injure counselors making them move slowly and limp along. He can also smash up windows, doors, electrical generators, and the more of these that are broken, the more fearful this makes the counselors. Scared counselors get tired from running, making them easier to find, and sometimes they can’t use their helpful items or map because it's scary!

Jason also has powers, like teleportation, or a sort of “fear vision” to help him find his prey. He’s also got a way to turn off his creepy scary music so you can creep up on the other players. Since this game uses a microphone, you can cause genuine jump scares! How fun!

Bottom line, the best part about this game is that you’re just kind of thrown into it. You need to find what works for you with the pieces that are there; are you the type to fight with Jason, do you like making repairs, healing other players, or being a quiet and stealthy scout. There is also a lot of variety in who you can play as, including any Jason from movies 2-9; all of them have different moves and traits, mainly can run or can’t run. This really keeps play fresh and fun, and the awesome gory Jason kills are the icing on the cake.

This game has kept my attention for over 4 years. It’s a great “pre-workout” game or one I’ll play while on a stationary bike. It’s so engaging and gets your adrenaline pumping, so I take full advantage. My legs are in the best shape they’ve been in in years because of this game. While it is a little glitchy at times and Gun Media no longer has the rights, so no more updates to it, it was made with care and craft by people who loved the IP and put their all into it.


1: As Jason, I like to knock out the power first. It’s hard for players to see in the dark and making them use their flashlights makes them easier to find. Plus, they can’t use the radio to call Tommy Jarvis, a powerful counselor who is the only character that can kill Jason. Then I go around putting traps on things that the players need to fix to escape, like the phone box and the car engines.

2: As a counselor, you really should have a mic to work as a team. The game suggests you group up with other players, but unless you’re going to work as a team, being in a group is a great way to get killed. Spread out and work several objectives to keep Jason busy. Also, Jason can hear you talking if you’re close enough to him, so be aware of that. Being quiet can be helpful and sometimes just being still and not moving can trick Jason as people see movement and are inclined to chase fleeing players.

3: When playing as a counselor; keep it simple you need to open the drawers and lock the doors. Bashing down a locked door takes time for Jason, and he can’t go through the windows. If you leave the doors all wide open, Jason can run in and kill you.

4: If you find anything that is a “repair” object like the keys, phone box fuse, gas can, car battery, if you don’t know where it goes, drop it on the ground in an easy to find place. Items placed on the ground like this appear on the map but need to be picked up first. This is SUPER helpful. You can drop items by pushing or holding down on the D pad. Here you can see the gas and the car battery on the map because a player picked them up, so helpful!

A map of items

Credit: Gun Media

5: Don’t expect to kill Jason; unless you have microphones and know what you’re doing with other players, it’s seriously difficult. I’ve honestly played maybe 500 rounds of this game, and I’ve only seen Jason die maybe 10 times, ever. I’ve killed Jason I think twice, but it’s rare and difficult.

Here is how you do it.

A: Have 1 female counselor go into Jason’s shack and get his mom’s sweater. Jason will get an alert if anyone goes into his shack and can teleport right to you, so heads up.

B: Someone needs to use the radio (provided the electricity is still on) to call Tommy Jarvis.

C: 2 players need to die, one of them will be more or less randomly selected to respawn as Tommy Jarvis.

D: Tommy needs to have a machete or axe (he starts with a gun) as those are the only weapons that will kill Jason and only Tommy Jarvis can actually kill Jason, so either he needs to find one or you need to get one to him.

E: Players need to deal enough damage to Jason or wait for him to get him into “rage mode” where he becomes immune to stun weapons and can walk through doors. You can knock his mask off, but you don’t need to, though you probably will if you’re fighting him.

F: The sweater wearing girl player needs to use the sweater near Jason, this will stun him about 6 seconds.

G: Someone needs to hit Jason behind with a weapon that will stun him, preferably a baseball bat, wrench, or frying pan. If he is his with any other weapon, this will not work. If you are REALLY quick, the sweater wearing player can do this.

H: When Jason goes into a kneeling animation, Tommy needs to press the button prompt while holding a machete or axe, thus killing Jason.

Look for me playing this on Twitch under this link this week!

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