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Delays In Highly Anticipated Video Games

July 15, 2021

Game development is a highly collaborative endeavor with the different developers working closely with one another to ensure that the CGI and the story and the environment all match. Having to work remotely means that virtual collaboration has taken the place of face-to-face collaboration and slowed down the development process even further. It is no surprise that many games which had been planned for release in 2021 have had their release date pushed back even further.

An announcement on twitter about the delay in Gotham Knights


With the release of the PS5 and the Xbox Series S/X in 2020 there was an expectation of new games on the horizon. However, between production delays of the hardware and the new problems that arose from remote work and learning, game releases were pushed back. Some games, thankfully, were only pushed back a few weeks like (Returnal). Other games were pushed to 2022, and depending on the progress made with returns to normalcy it isn’t difficult to imagine that those dates could be pushed back even further.

Games such as Lord of the Rings: Gollum, the new God of War, Hogwarts Legacy, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time remake, and Gotham Knights have been delayed until 2022 or, in some cases, indefinitely. This is not the news gamers wanted. And, keep in mind, these are mostly big name games from large companies. If they are pushing back games months or years, what is this doing to indie game developers working with small teams? This will probably impact their release schedule just as hard, making it difficult to support themselves or finish production on their games.

An image of the Hogwarts Legacy screen


If you are disappointed in the lack of new content, you are not alone. All of the extra time at home has had many people burning through their new games as well as returning to old games. However, there are ways to keep your games fresh and entertaining. Speed running has become a way for gamers to give their favorite games a new spin. If you go to Twitch and search for speed run you can see that any game is, well, game. So while you are waiting for a new game to come out, try something new with a favorite game. If speed running isn’t interesting to you there are other ways to keep yourself entertained. Perhaps you could use this time to try out a new class or build, you could attempt to 100% the game or maybe find every Korok in Breath of the Wild.

A graphic with information about speed running


Is the wait worth it? I would argue that waiting for a well-developed game, one that is relatively free of bugs, is worth it. One notable game that was released before it was ready was Cyberpunk 2077. With people having free time due to pandemic related restrictions on their schedule and the release of the new systems, it seemed like a good time to release a long awaited title. Opinions quickly soured when people realized how many glitches and bugs there were in the game, making game play almost impossible in some cases. If more games are pushed out before they are ready it most certainly won’t be worth it. I’d rather have delayed gratification and a game worth playing.

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