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Eleven of the Best Holiday Episodes to Watch

December 19, 2022

We love a good sitcom over here, and we know you do too; the only thing that makes a good sitcom better is a good holiday episode. We know you may not have time to scour the net looking for the best holiday episodes of your favourite sitcoms, so we've done it for you. From Friends to Ted Lasso and Big Bang Theory, we have a list of Holiday Episodes you'd love from your favourite Sitcoms. Christmas is the most joyful time of the year, and you deserve to spend it basking in the radiance that is your favourite sitcom; whether it's a snowstorm or an armadillo, you deserve the feel-good episodes that sitcom writers crafted for this season.

1. “The Bleakening” - Bob’s Burgers (Season 8, Episode 6 &7)

We're starting off with a two-for-one Christmas episode; in this episode, we find The Belcher family taking on a creature that steals Christmas presents from Naughty kids and takes it back to its lair called "The Bleaken". Linda also has her Christmas spirit broken when the treetop she cut for the children to decorate gets stolen, along with the Christmas decorations for the entire neighbourhood. This episode highlighted the similarities between Linda and Louise are similar to one and other while solidifying The Belcher's Place as one of TV's favourite family.

2. “Amends”- Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Season 3, Episode 10)

A vampire for Christmas? Don't Mind if I do. The only Christmas episode we get from Buffy turns out to be a very touching episode in the entirety of Buffy and Angel's relationship. It starts at a low point as a memory haunted Angel plans to kill himself by standing in the sun when it rises. It smoothly transitions to a more heartfelt scene when the sun is blocked by snowfall to one of the most romantic episodes as they take a walk through the town of Sunnydale in the daylight for the first time.

3. “The One with the Holiday Armadillo” - Friends (Season 7 Episode 10)

We can't deny that Friends has amazing holiday episodes, basically amazing episodes in general, and we can't talk about great sitcoms without looking at Friends. For this choice of Holiday Episodes, we're looking at "The One with the Holiday Armadillo" in this episode, Ross is in charge of Christmas for his son Ben and wants to teach him about his Jewish Heritage. In desperation to give his son a special Christmas, Santa's Tex-Mex Friend, The Holiday Armadillo, makes an appearance only for Chandler dressed as Santa to appear and Surprise Ben, with Joey coming behind shortly as Superman. There are a lot of quips and wordplay that'll make you laugh so hard; in true friends fashion, there's a lot of chaos that somehow works out.

4. “Christmas Party”- The Office (Season 2, Episode 10)

This one is for all The Office fanatics that'll come for us if there isis no episode from the show. The Office has its fair share of Classic Christmas Episodes, but this episode takes the cake with a Secret Santa Gone Awry when it turns to a Yankee Swap, and all the effort of Jim's thoughtful gift to Pam ends up in the wrong hands. The whole Office competes for a $400 iPod that Michael got as a gift to Ryan, exceeding the $20 limit.

5. “Our very first Christmas Show”- Full House (Season 2, Episode 9)

There's no Christmas without Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen for me cause they're the ultimate nostalgic Christmas memory. The Plot of Full House's first Christmas show is being snowed in at the airport the night before Christmas; this elicits fear in Stephanie that Santa won't be able to find them and that Not being home would ruin Christmas.

In true Tanner Family Fashion, Jesse saves the day and reminds the kids of the true meaning of Christmas and that they should make the best of their Airport Christmas. Jesse and Becky have their iconic first kiss, and Santa finds the kids at the airport with their missing present bringing the show to an emotional ending and making this a Classic Full House Episode.

6. “Carol of the Bells”- Ted Lasso (Season 2, Episode 4)

In an odd turn of events, Ted Lasso casually dropped their season 2 Christmas episode in the middle of Summer, a very audacious move on their part. The polarizing episode is packed with a lot of wholesome holiday sweetness to make you feel like it's Christmas in July. There are a handful of Love Actually References, and we all know that's a Christmas Classic right there.

7. “Christmas is where the heart is”- Family Matters (Season 5, Episode 11)

We look to Christmas's true meaning with this Family Matters episode. In this episode, we see Carl Wiston and Steve Urkel stranded on the Subway on Christmas Eve. As the passengers become ill-tempered, Urkel takes it upon himself to remind them of the true meaning of Christmas and that Christmas can be celebrated no matter where you are, even in a stuck Subway Car in the middle of Chicago. In the end, It made for a warm, heartfelt episode with an important message.

8. “Christmas Eve Eve”- New Girl (Season 6, Episode 10)

We all love New Girl, Don't we? Cause I do, and I'm sure you do too. Only New Girl can take the benign plot of secret Santa and turn it into one of the best holiday sitcom episodes. We go through an emotional rollercoaster that begins with Jess, full of the Christmas Spirit, deciding to do a secret Santa in the loft, but her spirit begins to dim when she discovers that she has no Secret Santa herself. The emotions come to a close, with Robby and the rest of the gang giving Jess the best secret Santa gift: a holiday carol from Darlene Love ending the episode on a very festive note.

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9. “Just Christmas, Baby”-Blackish (Season 3, Episode 10)

Every parent wants to give their children the best Christmas; Bow and Dre Johnson aren't any different. This episode is Zoey's Last Christmas as a High School Senior before she goes off to college, and they want to make it memorable for her, which they do. There's a lot of drama and chaos as Rainbow questions having another child, and in true Dre fashion, he has a hard time coming to terms with the fact that Zoey is growing up; there's a little fire incident with the Christmas tree, so there's a lot for Zoey to remember.

10. “The Bracebridge Dinner”- Gilmore Girls (Season 2, Episode 10)

We're in Snowy Connecticut as Rory tries to keep the budding Rivalry between Dean and Jess under control and fails. Lorelai invites most of the citizens of Stars Hollow to an elaborate feast complete with Elizabethan Costumes and Horse-drawn sleigh rides. What more could you want from Gilmore Girls During the holiday?

11. “Jingle Balls”- Will and Grace (Season 4, Episode 12)

We love a fabulous Christmas story, and this episode does it for us with wholesome Christmas spirit and Glamour as Grace selflessly plays Santa for Jack by designing a memorable and absolutely gorgeous holiday display window at Barneys. This episode shows the meaning of Friendships during the Holidays.

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