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Cosplay Corner: Svper Lunary

November 30, 2022

The Tumblr era had everyone in a chokehold, and you're probably wondering how that is related to cosplay, but don't worry, I'll get to that. This weekend I sat down with the fabulous Andrea Kennedy to talk to her about her cosplay journey as Svper Lunary. Andrea chose the name Svper Lunary in 2015 when she saw it in a post on a space and astrology aesthetics Tumblr page, and she fell in love with it. "I've always loved space and stars. Sailor moon is one of my favourite characters, so seeing that word, it seemed fitting, so I changed the "U" in super to "V" and adopted the name Svper Lunary," Andrea said, all while wearing a pink Sailor moon Hoodie.

Svper Lunary cosplaying as Scarlet Witch from Avengers

Credit: Svper Lunary

Her journey to cosplaying has been a long time coming from her early years as a five years old, tying a sweater around her neck to mimic sailor moon; she's long been into the idea of dressing up as characters she loves. Andrea officially started cosplaying in 2013 for her second comic con and became more consistent in 2019 when she created her Juvia costume from scratch. " I don't make all my costumes from scratch, but I try to make at least one thing with every costume, whether the prop or an item of clothing." Andrea said, "The costume for Juvia from Fairy Tail was completely handmade because all the costumes I saw online weren't the version of Juvia I wanted, and most weren't my size," she reiterated as we spoke about costumes and props.

Svper Lunary cosplaying as Juvia

Credit: Svper Lunary

The New York based cosplayer credited her love for anime and cosplay to her father, who introduced her to anime with Dragonball Z, his favourite. "I'm such a huge anime fan because of my father; growing up, he introduced me to Dragonball Z, which is his favourite and somewhere along the line, I got introduced to Sailor Moon, which became my favourite and my introduction to cosplay."

Her creation of her Juvia Costume was one of the most significant turning points in her cosplay journey because the costume took a lot of time, brain power and creativity. The process was a very satisfying outlet, and she learned much from it. "One reason I love that process of creating the cosplay was because it challenged me as an individual, and I learnt a lot about myself. You truly learn a lot about yourself when you have to create an entire costume from scratch," Andrea said; she went on to explain the resilience it takes to follow through and create a good costume by hand.

Svper Lunary in a pink ball gown cosplay with pink hair and a tiara

Credit: Svper Lunary

When asked about the best part of cosplaying, Andrea mentioned friendship; "I've made a lot of new friends cosplaying; I'm naturally an introvert but cosplaying helped me come out of my shell a little, and I've made friends with other cosplayers and people that love cosplaying doing this." She also talked about the fact that she gets to represent the characters she loves her way. "We all see our favourite characters differently, and because of that we represent them differently, so it's important that I get to represent the characters I love the way I see them. That's why the Juvia costume was important to me."

Cosplay gives a sense of self-discovery and self-exploration for those that engage in it, and that's no different for Svper Lunary; she's gone on a path to explore herself through cosplay and discovered her style and her sense of resilience through cosplay.

A cosplay involving a blaster

Credit: Svper Lunary

The 24-year-old cosplayer has a very tight-knit support system, with her parents supporting her in her adventures. A big part of cosplay is the connection to her dad and their time together watching anime, but her mother isn't left out of the equation. Andrea's mother supports her daughter's cosplaying journey and also accompanies her to comic cons in cosplay. They help her and encourage her adventures because it also brings them joy as parents to see her do something she's passionate about with her time.

Her favourite animes are definitely Sailor Moon, Fairy Tale and Dragonball Z, as these have been a staple in her life so far, she also mentioned a lot of other animes, but these are by far the ones with the most impact. Svper Lunary is a fantastic cosplayer on the rise and will do more extraordinary things with the momentum she's building; she is one to follow and watch in the cosplay community.

A pink haired cat cosplay done by Svper Lunary

Credit: Svper Lunary

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