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Cosplay Corner: Chelsey Cherry, aka Chelslaysss

February 9, 2023

Colours are a huge part of cosplay; a colour change is the difference between various characters and could define our perception of them. Every character bears colour markers that make us recognize them despite their varying environment; it's embedded in their nature and costume design from Characters like My Melody, Hello Kitten, down to even Elle Woods and Cher from Clueless.


It's a rare occurrence to see someone who cosplays engross themselves entirely in one colour that you clearly see their set colour scheme, but that's precisely the case with Chelsey Cherry. We took some time to talk to her, get a glimpse into her Perfect Pink World, and learn more about her. One of the first things to stand out when talking to Chelsey besides her love for pink is that she never shares her real name on the internet. Which is interesting, especially in a world where we share almost everything and the internet is intertwined with our daily life; she chooses to keep that part of her identity to herself.
Her cosplay name Chelsey Cherry goes way back and was chosen because she wanted something cute that rhymed with cherry, and it came out as the perfect stage name; she was nicknamed Chelslay by her friends in school on the premises that Chelsey Cherry always Slays. It's a very endearing name which she carried with her.

When you're dedicated to your art, it shows wholly, especially in your work. Chelsey started cosplaying in April of 2022 after she was convinced by one of her friends to do a cosplay; it was her first intro into the depths of the cosplay world, and since she dipped her foot in it, she couldn't stop.

Her favourite part of cosplaying is the execution of cosplay looks. "Seeing everything come together, especially when cosplaying complicated characters, that's one of the best parts of cosplaying," she said " There's also the creating of content that embodies the characters I'm trying to create that really gets me excited", she explained.

Although she buys a lot of her costume pieces, she has started assembling her costume props by herself "I buy most of my costume pieces not cause I don't really know how to sew, but I've started putting together the accessories and props a belt or so here and there" she explained. When coming up with a Character to cosplay, Chelsey chooses characters that resonate with her, and she feels that she could pull off easily or behave like more seamlessly. "I choose characters that align with my energy, a lot of cosplayers are really good at playing both male and female characters but I'm not really good at that, so If it's a male character, I'll choose the one that would be easy for me to gender bend to fit my energy which is very girly" she explained.

Chelsey has a very supportive community of friends who encourage her and help promote her artistry; she also has a very supportive community of followers who not only cheer her on, on social media, they also support her art by purchasing things in her Amazon wishlist and sending it to her. This support all around her is one of the things that keep her going on her journey as a cosplayer; her love for anime and creativity also pushes her to keep getting better as a cosplayer.

When asked about her love for the colour pink, she reminisced about cosplaying Hello Kitty at the beginning of her cosplay journey and how she has always loved pink. She also told a story of how she changed her entire wardrobe to pink when she needed new clothes for a trip, making her a true Sanrio girl.

Chelsey is one to watch on the cosplay scene, and even though she's just beginning, she's shown her immense style as a cosplayer and made a space for herself in the cosplay community.

About the Author: Oluwatobi Omotoso is a writer, content creator, Social Media Manager, and marketing strategist. She's an avid treehugger and lover of all things sci-fi. She has been compared to the Joker in personality tests, and her friends lovingly call her a Megalomaniac.

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