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New Comic Book Day #1s (Moon Knight, Blue & Gold, Dark Blood, and More)

July 21, 2021
A group of various dinosaurs surround a red haired girl with a spear.

Credit: IDW Comics

Bermuda (IDW Comics)

Writer: John Layman, Artist: Nick Bradshaw

From the creator of the much acclaimed series, Chew, comes a tale of an island at the center of the oft speculated-about Bermuda Triangle. All who are lost in the triangle end up here, but the titular Bermuda is a 16 year old girl who calls the island home and fights day to day to survive in a jungle environment filled with Dinosaurs, Pirates, Wizards and other horrors. A fun, survival adventure mixed with elements of the supernatural propel this highly original tale.

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold stand in front of a crowd of people cheering them with a crashed spaceship far in the background.

Credit: DC Comics

Blue & Gold (DC Comics)

Writer: Dan Jurgens, Artist: Ryan Sook

DC Comics stalwarts Jurgens and Sook revive the fan favorite superhero duo of Blue Beetle and Booster Gold in this eight issue miniseries. The plot finds the partners teaming up to regain the spotlight through a social media blitz. Bringing the pair into the modern day as they struggle to navigate the dangerous world of the internet. The book will feature all the heart, humor, and heroics readers have come to expect from this buddy duo.

A man with glowing eyes walks towards the viewer with a map of Eastern Europe behind him.

Credit: Boom Studios

Dark Blood (Boom Studios)

Writer: Latoya Morgan, Artist: Walt Barna

This sci-fi mindbender finds a World War II vetern who discovers he possesses fantastic abilities, but being a black man in 1950’s Alabama is a daily struggle. What happens when a persecuted and maligned person becomes the most powerful being on the planet. For those who enjoy the convergence of genre fiction and social commentary, this one is right up your alley.

An experimental art image of a woman in a ski mask.

Credit: Image Comics

M.O.M. Mother Of Madness (Image Comics)

Writer: Emilia Clarke, Artist: Leila Leiz

The comics writing debut of Game Of Thrones star Emilia Clarke is a comedic spin on the superhero formula presenting us with a single mom superhero struggling to juggle the schedule of a secret identity, battling evildoers, and caring for her children. A chaotic, comedic book in the style of Deadpool with the sensibilities and charm of its famous creator.

Moon Knight (Marvel Comics)

Writer: Jed Mackay, Artist: Alessandro Cappucio

Just as the Disney+ Moon Knight show starring Oscar Isaac starts filming, Marvel takes the opportunity to reintroduce readers to the schizophrenic vigilante. This new series sees Moon Knight offering protection to a congregation of believers who must contend with the forces of darkness. Having shed the unpredictable moon god, Khonshu, who gave him his powers; Marc Spectator now takes up his own mission to serve the citizens of New York as the protector of the night.

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