Comic Book Curious

Comic Book Jam 2022

February 3, 2022

For immediate release:

A list of affiliations to the comic book jam

Credit: LoE

Comic Book Curious, Legion of Eccentrics (LoE), and Wacom are throwing a comic book jam with professors at Portland State University from February 10-13th.

This will be an online event where five person teams are working together to create an eight page "zine" over three days.  The participants own 100% of their creations.

This event will be streamed on Twitch, discussed on Discord, and the viewers get to vote in the final decision!

Prizes will be Wacom tablets, gift cards to comic book shops and a $2,500 commission for the Legion of Eccentrics.

Headshots of the mentors for the comic book jam

Credit: LoE

Professionals in the comic book and animation spaces will be featured in different seminars in order to empower these blossoming creators. An abridged list of the professionals are: Tini Howard (Marvel, DC), Mark Russell (Marvel, DC, Ahoy) Clay Adams (Scout) and Andrew Flores (Nickelodeon).

Participants may register as a team or individually here.


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