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Divergent Creators Spotlight: An Introduction

Everyone knows a creative. Someone that spends their time taking something average or ordinary and making it into something unique or making it into an experience. It could be someone who takes wire, beads, and natural things to create jewelry. Perhaps a normally quiet individual who hams it up on camera while playing their favorite […]

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A Space For Black Nerds

The Black Nerds Expo Over the weekend, I attended the Black Nerds Expo sessions, a space for Black nerds created by Black nerds—a one-day event featuring sessions relating to all things nerd culture from Comic Books and NFTs, to STEM. I started the weekend off learning about the history of Black people in Nerd Pop […]

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Autism Representation In Anime

Kyle discusses autism representation in anime; while none of the characters are explicitly on the spectrum, he makes a case for 4 characters.

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LGBTQ+ Superheroes Fight An Uphill Battle

Before we can even dive into the rise of LGBTQ+ characters in comics and pop-culture, we need to understand what LGBTQ+ means. LGBTQ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer. While we have defined this into the abbreviation of LGBTQ, LGBTQ+ is a term often used by people to refer to all the communities […]

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By Kristen Lormand-Yoerger |  Acting is like magic - you assume a different persona, you become someone else, and your character can transcend the story. I like to think of actors and actresses like mannequins. They are put on display for us to see an idea, to tell us a story. The actors themselves are the […]

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