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A Space For Black Nerds

The Black Nerds Expo Over the weekend, I attended the Black Nerds Expo sessions, a space for Black nerds created by Black nerds—a one-day event featuring sessions relating to all things nerd culture from Comic Books and NFTs, to STEM. I started the weekend off learning about the history of Black people in Nerd Pop […]

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Autism Representation In Anime

Kyle discusses autism representation in anime; while none of the characters are explicitly on the spectrum, he makes a case for 4 characters.

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LGBTQ+ Superheroes Fight An Uphill Battle

Before we can even dive into the rise of LGBTQ+ characters in comics and pop-culture, we need to understand what LGBTQ+ means. LGBTQ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer. While we have defined this into the abbreviation of LGBTQ, LGBTQ+ is a term often used by people to refer to all the communities […]

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By Kristen Lormand-Yoerger |  Acting is like magic - you assume a different persona, you become someone else, and your character can transcend the story. I like to think of actors and actresses like mannequins. They are put on display for us to see an idea, to tell us a story. The actors themselves are the […]

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