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Nerd vs. Newbie

Meet the Writer: Tobi Toshh

Twenty-two years, eight months and seven days ago, on the 23rd day of April 2000, Oluwatobiloba Omotoso was born on a Sunny Easter Sunday morning in Port Harcourt, arriving approximately one month earlier than expected. I entered this world rather dramatically and traumatically as my arrival was prompted, unfortunately, by a driver rear-ending my mother’s […]

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Living with a Graphic Novelist

Erin Edwards, one of our newest writers and an almost-nerd, writes about an introduction she has had to nerd culture via her roommate, Gabe.

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By Nate Lombardi & John Campbell  |  One of the things that we are trying to do with this website is create an open space for hard-core nerds to dive deeper into human interest stories and for beginners like me to explore this culture. A big part of nerd culture is animation. This is a […]

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