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You Ever Danced With The Devil in The Pale Moonlight? A Celebration Of Batman (1989)

In the shadows of Gotham, death wears a smile, and hope flies through the night sky in black. But only one will claim the night. I want to take you back to a childhood memory of mine. Yes, I realize I’m getting nostalgic, but that’s what us Millenials do, so shush. For as long as […]

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Marvel Vs. DC: The Eternal Battle

Tobi compares the movies and TV shows created by Marvel and DC to see who does what best. The age old controversy: Marvel versus DC!

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Nanaue & Me: The Suicide Squad Does Representation Right

Kk explores the history of Nanaue, the inspiration for DC's King Shark, and how both Kk and Nanue have their origins in Hawaii.

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Unpopular Opinion: I Loved 2016’s Suicide Squad

Omotoso Oluwatobi's unpopular opinion is her love for the Suicide Squad movie from 2016, featuring the band of "misfits" villains

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Pencilish Animation Studios Lets You In On The Magic

Animation studios dazzle audiences every year with new movies and shows, new characters they have created. Those animation studios (think Disney) make a lot of money every year through the content they create. Have you ever wanted to own and be part of an animation studio? Well, now is your chance! “It is our intention […]

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