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Episode Thirty-One: The Orc and The Marshall

Of Orcish Allies and Mercenaries

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Episode Thirty: Recon on Sirrom

Of Space-Denny's and Other Options

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Episode Twenty-Nine: Gear Up & Head Out

Of Preparations and Game-plans

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Episode Twenty-Eight: The Children of Aetyr

Of Old Scars and Golden Manes

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Episode Twenty-Seven: War Stories

Of Promotions and Preemptive Strikes

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Episode Twenty-Six: Unnatural Motion

Of Cyborgs and the Combating of them

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Episode Twenty-Five: All According to Plan

Of Collisions and Corporate Espionage

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Episode Twenty-Four: Break and Enter

Of Schemes and Enacting Them

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Episode Twenty-Three: Cracks in the Armor

Of Investigations and Obfuscation

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Episode Twenty-Two: The Harlot

Of Fairy Nobility and Contracts

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