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Rumplestilt_Seam Cosplay

In the wide world of cosplay, many creators dedicate an astounding amount of time, effort, and maybe a few tears into their work in order to showcase their particular skills and talents, along with their love for their craft. One such person is known as the award-winning seamstress wizard herself, Rumplestilt_seam, or Rumple for short. […]

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The Real MVP: 1UpMedic Does Cosplay Repairs

Many cosplayers may know from experience that mishaps with costumes are absolutely a possibility, despite our best preparations. This is especially true at conventions, where bumping into things, getting caught on something, or even simply moving a certain way can cause a “wardrobe malfunction.” Fortunately, there are unsung heroes that call themselves cosplay medics, who […]

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Hoptown Spidey

Hailing from Yakima, Washington, cosplayer Matt Hunter combines a love of craft beer and 90’s era nostalgia through his pseudonym, Hoptown Spidey. Matt has been a force of positivity in the cosplay scene for about 6 years and strives to continue to inspire others in this way. Among his most recognizable costumes, Matt’s Lord Drakkon […]

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Mirrorbright Cosplay

Daniel and Christi make up MirrorBright Cosplay, a husband and wife cosplay duo who have been creating together going on 8 years and married for 15. The couple, whose content varies through the realm of video games to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, share some insight into their most recent builds, Master Chief of Halo and […]

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Raz Cosplay

Hailing from Texas, Dylan of Raz Cosplay is a costume creator heavily influenced by comic book heroes and villains, nostalgic 90’s icons, and all things spooky. A quick look at his Instagram cosplay page will reveal a dark-toned, yet vibrant array of photos and creative edits featuring his work. He’s been a part of the […]

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