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DC and Webtoon: The Gentrification of Webcomics

DC Comics, home to the World’s Greatest Superheroes announced on August 17th, 2021 that they would be entering the world of webcomics through a partnership with Webtoon, the internet’s premiere source of webcomics. While little has been said about the future of this deal, or any of the “several” titles planned, DC has already released […]

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DEITY: Behind the Magic

As a child, drawing is something most are drawn to as a form of self-expression, and this was no exception for Omiebam Dandison Brown, aka Dan Brown, the artist, who from his younger days chose drawing as his art form. The growth is evident from poorly drawn Spider-man comics to becoming a full-fledged graphic illustrator […]

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The Return Of Uru-Chan and UnOrdinary

This moment right here feels like that moment when your favorite team player comes back from injury just in time for the big game. Like Klay Thompson coming back from injury to play for the Golden State Warriors, this is the same excitement Uru-chan's return elicits from her ardent subscribers. For those who may not […]

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