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Doing the Trickster: A Low-Key Examination of Marvel's Mischievous Scamp

Currently, on the streaming platform Disney+, Marvel Studios is airing a six episode series starring British actor Tom Hiddleston as fan-favorite MCU baddie Loki, the godlike being from the realm of Asgard who, unwittingly, led to the banding together of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (TM). He’s the first bad guy of the MCU to get his […]

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Marvel's Rehabilitated: (Totally Not Pitching A New Superteam, I Swear)

In 1997, while we were all mourning Princess Di and Batman and Robin and consoling ourselves with Dunkaroos and the immortal musical legacy of the Spice Girls, Marvel Comics pulled off a brilliant reveal in the pages of Thunderbolts #1. Created by Mark Waid and Mark Bagley, the T-bolts were a new superhero team on […]

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A Spy in the House of Ideas

(In Which I Promise to, At Some Point, Talk About Black Widow) By Brendan Jones |  One of the greatest strengths of comics (and for the sake of this column, I’ll be speaking specifically about American mainstream comics) is their flexibility. The art form itself is obviously one of the most wide-open and unbound by […]

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