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Marvel & Chris Hemsworth's Thor Bridge Cultures

In Hawaii, Kane-Hekili, is our God of Thunder and Lightning. Besides knowing that the great warrior chief, Kahekili, tattooed one half of his body to emulate his namesake, I truly know little else. Interestingly enough, with the important roles that sky gods play in the Pacific there is barely a mention of one who rules […]

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Cosplay Corner: Iyanna Cierra

The fact that cosplay is a part of popular culture, you'd think the space would be very saturated and redundant. Instead, it's quite the opposite because we all experience characters and shows differently; it gives unique expression to how they are represented. Talking to Iyanna was an enlightening experience, showing the various facets of how […]

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5 Overlooked Cantrips in Dungeons and Dragons 5e

(And 4 To Avoid) Hi there, chances are you googled “best cantrips” and that’s easy; it’s Eldritch Blast. It’s got the range, deals force damage that is rarely resisted, and doesn’t take any materials to cast. But aside from that, what are some other overlooked non-combat cantrips worth taking and what are a few to […]

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Thanks for the Comics, Dad

At Least You Did Something Right. By: Michael Rhett In 7th or 8th grade, I bought my first comic book. This was 1991/92. I was with my dad at the Elks Lodge in Florham Park, NJ, where he was a trustee. After the meeting, we went across the street to a little convenience store, and […]

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Cosplayer Spotlight: lizanyacosplay

How did the name "lizanyacosplay" come to be? If you read it out loud, you can usually get what it's about. It's a pun (on the word lasagna). I was trying to think of different things, and that was just in the back of my mind, and I thought it was too silly. But then […]

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Is Emma Watson Joining the MCU?

Yes! Just as you just read it. Good news that many fans of the Harry Potter movies surely will love. For those of you who don't know Emma Watson, she is an award-winning French-born British actress, model and activist who was appointed a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador in June 2014. Emma is particularly recognized from […]

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The Anime that Made Us: Dragon Ball

Ever wondered why some anime shows seem more memorable than others? Remember staying up late watching Toonami, catching the latest episodes of Dragon Ball, Bleach, or Death Note? I sure do! Maybe others will resonate with this series as well: this multi-part article series will be diving into which popular anime withstand the test of […]

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Rumplestilt_Seam Cosplay

In the wide world of cosplay, many creators dedicate an astounding amount of time, effort, and maybe a few tears into their work in order to showcase their particular skills and talents, along with their love for their craft. One such person is known as the award-winning seamstress wizard herself, Rumplestilt_seam, or Rumple for short. […]

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Frank Under Fire

A look at the warranted criticism of renowned comic book creator, Frank Miller, alongside his lifetime of works. Should one hold sway over the other?

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Cosplay Corner: Ezii Jude

"Cosplay to me is a creative outlet, a way to express myself," Ezii Jude said as we talked about her love for cosplay. Despite just beginning her cosplay journey Ezii Jude is someone to watch; Avatar inspired her first costume, teaching her the important details of the art of cosplay. The garnering interest of Nigerian […]

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