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Nerdwork Comic Con: The Second Act

There are very few places that bring nerds like me so much joy and excitement, and one of those places is Comic Con, so hearing that Nerdwork Comic Con was back for the second year in a row, it was beyond thrilling because it's the only Comic Con that takes place in the city of […]

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Living with a Graphic Novelist: Dungeons & Dragons

I have lost the man I love. He has fallen into a dungeon of dragons and may never return. Alex, my too-cool-for-school partner, has carefree hair, flashy sunglasses, and a square jaw covered in a 5 o’clock shadow like a Hollywood heartthrob. I often look at him and wonder how his movie star stride ever […]

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Wakanda Forever: Movie Review

There are only two ways a movie could make a notable impact; it could go amazingly well or horribly wrong. I always go into every movie with an open mind and next to zero in expectation and going to see Black Panther the day before its official release was no different. I won't lie and […]

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Cosplay Corner: The Yonn Don

Cosplay has done a great job of bringing people together and making nerd culture somewhat mainstream. From cosplaying on social media to cosplaying at Conventions, many more people are taking a leap into this aspect of nerd culture. Yonna, AKA The Yonn Don, is a 27-year-old cosplayer that splits their time between Brooklyn, New York […]

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Cosplay Corner: Venture Bros

Certain things happen when we least expect it, aligning the stars to put us on a path we would never have taken otherwise, and no matter what you believe in, whether Kismet, Fate or a greater force, we can all agree that some things happen by design in the most unexpected way. Talking to Mikel […]

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Halloween Movies to Watch this Spooky Season

Spooky season is here again, and it's time to cuddle up and incite some frights this Halloween; what better way to do that than with these classic Halloween movies? From gruesome scares to wholesome laughs, we've gathered something for everyone to watch this Halloween, whether you're a scary movie lover or trying to get into […]

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CosPlay at New York Comic Con

I caught a brisk chill as I swapped to the 7 line to catch the subway to 34th Street-Hudson Yards station. Crowded streets, honking horns for seemingly no reason, and bagels everywhere I looked. A normal day in New York, until I was stopped in my tracks by a man blocking the escalator dressed in […]

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The Crow: Nothing Is Trivial

You may have heard of the dark, gothic movie, The Crow, that the late Brandon Lee tragically lost his life making. You may have even heard of the rumored curse surrounding its production & every attempt since. I was a fan for years before discovering it was adapted from a book of the same title. […]

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Halloween Movies Of 2022

2022 is almost over, and with it came a ton of scary movies to get your heart pumping. Whether you're a scary movie lover or want to get down with a Halloween Movie Marathon with your besties and looking for ideas, you're in the right place. From remakes of cult classics to introductions of new […]

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Cosplay Corner: Sunflow3r Samurai

"I never thought I'd be doing cosplay full time; it's something I always loved but only discovered I could do it all year round," Destany Brown said as we talked over zoom. On a random Wednesday; Afternoon for me, morning for her, we sat down and had a call over zoom where we talked about […]

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