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Castle Falls: Movie Review

July 22, 2022

Please note: This article contains spoilers. Read with caution.

Castle Falls stars Scott Adkins (Mike Wade) and Dolph Adkins (Richard Ericson), who was also the director of the movie. This movie is about a tussle between three disparate parties who want the money (3 million dollars in cash) hidden in Castle Heights Hospital by a gang leader, now in prison. After decades of neglect for Castle Heights Hospital, this symbol of the city's isolated past has been packed with explosives and dynamite and is ready to be demolished and brought to the ground, with the aim of reconstruction by a politician who was also running for an election. The three disparate parties were Mike Wades (an ex-fighter), who happened to find the money while working as part of the demolition crew, also Richard Ericson, a prison guard who was willing to do anything to get money to pay for his daughter’s cancer treatment, and a ruthless gang (headed by Deacon Glass) who was sent by the gang leader in prison.

The movie begins with an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter, Mike (whose promoter has lost confidence in him), returning to his local gym. He tried to get his place back by asking for one last fight with another fighter in the gym, hoping to win and then get another chance at pursuing his career as a fighter, but he lost the fight, which means he had to go. Mike is now penniless and is forced to move out of his crib, which results in him living in his pick-up truck. Mike seeks out employment as a laborer, resulting in him picking up some work on a building site where Castle Heights Hospital is being taken apart before being demolished. On the last day of demolition, Mike accidentally finds a $100 bill leading to him finding $3 million in cash stuffed inside three bags hidden inside a cupboard on the sixth floor, which he wasn’t aware was owned by a gang.

Ericson is a good man, a single father, and a prison warden. He is a desperate father because his beloved daughter has cancer, and their insurance does not cover the cost of her treatment. The insurance only covered $50,000 when $400,000 was needed for the whole treatment. He then gets a deal with an inmate Lando (Eric Gray), with information as regards where the $3 million is (Castle Heights Hospital) he stole from Damien Glass (the gang leader who was imprisoned). In exchange, Ericson is tasked to provide safety and protect Lando from Glass, who wants him dead. A desperate Ericson then sets out on his own to claim the money before the building is demolished.

When Damien figures out that Ericson might be a lead to his money, he tasks his brother Deacon with retrieving his ill-gotten gains.

Despite Mike’s reluctance to share the money with Ericson, they were forced to work together (after they had a fierce fight) also. They figured out that the bigger enemy was Deacon and his gang (they were ruthless and ready to go to extreme lengths to get the money). Also, Ericson made it known to Mike his need for part of the money, which resulted in both of them working together, turning out to be a formidable partnership as they were able to make it out alive with huge amounts of money.

Castle Falls delivers a somewhat satisfying viewing experience despite being a low-budget action thriller that follows two men who are broken by life in distinct ways and are on the trail for the prize of a huge sum of money in a race-against-time scenario. Castle Falls offers plenty of what we watch movies like this for. After being dismantled, the building (Castle Heights Hospital) is set for demolition in 90 minutes, which means Mike Wade, Richard Erickson, and Deacon Glass (with the help of his gang) all are very immensely motivated to take the money at all cost even if it means taking anyone else out and also try to make their escape as soon as possible before the building is demolished and brought down to the ground. What is also interesting is that nobody knows they’re there, aside from Mike, no other person knows the location of the money, making it more interesting as they had to find the money quickly and escape with it alive (three million dollars don’t do much when you are submerged and buried under tons of concrete). The movie ended with Mike giving huge sums of money to the family of his friend who was murdered in cold blood by Deacon and his gang (really sad and inspiring to see).

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