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Black Panther II: What We Know

August 8, 2022

Chadwick Boseman won’t be in Black Panther 2, and Daniel Kaluuya won’t be in it either.

That piece of information is…jarring, and I don’t know how to feel about it.

He’s an actor, and despite his love for the craft, it's still a craft. One he has to practice, and that practice is not exclusive to Black Panther movies, or even Marvel movies. So it only makes sense that he is (or was??) on set for another movie and there was scheduling conflicts with being on set for Black Panther II. We totally get it.

A black background that says Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Credit: Marvel

But the worrying thing is that, from the end of the Black Panther movie, there have been little positive news for us about the upcoming sequel Black Panther II: Wakanda Forever. First it was Chadwick Boseman’s very sad and unexpected death that shook the world. Then the next big news was the gist of Letita Wright being anti-vax, and now this bit about Daniel, our favourite person in the DSS.

Black Panther was a movie, but it was not just a movie, if we’re being honest about it. Black Panther is a social movement from the moment that Marvel announced the lineup for the movie. For the fans of comic books that have been familiar with the character before the movie release, the thought of having the Black Panther appear on screen was a big deal. But more than that, for the average black person, this was a movie that was going to be about a superhero, a black superhero, who is in touch with the world of blackness, that knows what that world entails. And this movie was going to be made by a black director and an almost entirely black crew.

The movie came out, and it was awesome. These people (the cast) were speaking with actual African accents, wearing actual African clothes, speaking proverbs, living in places with African carvings and writings (yes, those symbols were actually very African), and no one could ask for more. This movie had the entire world hooked. The Africans in Africa loved it, the Africans in diaspora that had never been to Africa loved it, the African-Americans loved it, the African-Europeans loved it, heck, every person of colour loved it, and it didn’t end there. The white people loved it too. They had a peek into the world of being black, seeing how people of colour live their lives, both in America and in Africa.

Of course, it was just a peek, but it was something.

A still from the upcoming movie Black Panther II: Wakanda Forever

Credit: Marvel

And then, understandably so, the movie had the entire world doing X’s over their chests in celebrations and greetings and wearing Wakandan masks to work and functions, yelling ‘Ibombay!’ to each other on the streets, and the movie ended up raking in $1.3 billion dollars for Marvel, with about $700 million domestic gross in sales that’s $22 million dollars more than Avengers: Infinity War. It was the best. Movie. Ever.

And with all that awesome success, there is a lot more that the world is expecting from a sequel of the movie, and it's really looking like Marvel can replicate their previous success, judging from the trailer of Black Panther II. The movie trailer was released a few days ago, and it was looking sexy as hell.

It was a little sad, but not just about Chadwick Boseman’s death (RIP). It looked like there was a lot of loss and pain in the movie, personal loss of loved ones, but it also looked like it would be a very kick ass movie to watch. I won't go into details to avoid spoilers for those who haven’t seen the trailer yet, but I am 65% convinced that I would spend my time and money to go watch Black Panther II in a cinema and I would have a very good time with it.

The shots we see in the trailer look like pure Mayan gold, with promises of delivering the same kind of emotion with the entire movie (let's be honest, there are several movies that their trailers never match the actual thing). There are new worlds to see, there are new characters to see, and there are several hidden clues for future Marvel movies, and I think I’m getting a little too excited as I’m typing this. Lol. The music is awesome, and I can't wait for the OST album to be released, even though there is already a prologue EP out now that features music from three different artists; Two of them African (Nigerian and Ghanian), and one of them Mexican.

I really hope that something else comes up between now and November 11th that makes me have at least an 80% conviction that I would enjoy the movie when it comes out.

About the author, Olaniyi Popoola: I want this to sound cool, and not make you know that I’m really a geek and a nerd. So I won’t tell you about the things I like, like comics (hardcore DC fan), a love for music (especially undiscovered artists), Nigerian and African art and history, reading random books to get a boatload of random and interesting but mostly useless information, choosing to stay at home and write stories than meet up with friends and things like that. Lol.

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