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Bettie Bloodshed - Cosplayer

May 25, 2022

From humble beginnings as a child dressing in costumes for Halloween, Lindsey/Linds aka “Bettie Bloodshed,” has quite literally fashioned herself as a full-fledged cosplay creator featuring sewing and armor builds, the use of body paint and makeup, working with fur material, and even millinery.

Bettie Bloodshed as Damien Bloodmarch

Credit: @davidroberts_

Going on 12 years of cosplaying in earnest, Linds has shared in detail how the learning process accompanied with making her own costumes has impacted and strengthened her skill as an artist.

“While it can be more than a bit frustrating at times, I always have to remind myself that just because I was great the first time I tried doing a certain skill, doesn't mean that I'm a failure if it takes me longer to accomplish another. Even if things don't always go to plan, what I learned makes me feel like I've grown, and I'm always proud of that.”

Lindsey makes a point to encourage others in the community, especially at conventions, making a point to let others know that their hard work is seen and appreciated.

“I genuinely believe in trying to use my (small) platform to be a positive force and raise up others. It's important to appreciate both your own skills but recognize others, and try to share as much as you can. I made a friend at a con who once told me some advice which I try to live both my cosplay and normal life by: ‘Life is too short not to tell someone you appreciate them.’ So at a con, if I love someone's costume, I'll go up and tell them. You may never know if you're the lone person who complimented them all day, especially if it's an obscure costume.”

“One Dragoncon I ran into a girl dressed as Yvaine (from Stardust). I was also dressed as Yvaine, and I was so excited to meet another cosplayer of a character I loved, I just gushed over her. I feel deeply passionate that there is no 'best' cosplayer of any character, so I always make a point to see out 'doubles' at cons. We became friends, and years later she told me that my reaction to her had a profound effect on how she saw cosplay and worrying how others might compare her to different cosplayers.”

Reminiscing on a time when her own work was recognized, Linds fondly shared her experience meeting a producer of the Tron: Legacy film.

“When I did Gem from Tron, a franchise and a character I am very passionate about, I was recognized by the producers of Tron: Legacy who chatted with me for ten minutes or so about my costume and the film. It was a small interaction but it meant a great deal to me.”

Bettie Bloodshed cosplaying as Gem from Tron

Credit: Ashb Images

[insert Gem photo, credit: Ashb Images]

When asked about her favorite costume she’s made so far, she shared “It's an older build, but honestly my Iron Bull from Dragon Age. I couldn't find fabric I liked so I literally cut out strips of green and red fabric (each measured to different widths) and then sewed them together to make fabric I liked before actually making the trousers. It was time consuming and probably not the easiest way to do it, but honestly, I wouldn't change a thing.”

Bettie Bloodshed has a few exciting projects in the works, including a Theseus (Hades game) costume which features intensive leatherwork as well as plans for Priscilla from The Witcher 3. Follow for updates and more on Instagram @bettiebloodshed.

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