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Author: Kristen Lormand-Yoerger

Comic Book Curious: End of Year in Review

Comic Book Curious (CBC) has been steadily growing this past year! Having been an online publication for a year and a half, our reach to like-minded nerds has grown along with our endeavors. “What endeavors?” you may be asking yourself (or me). Well, let me tell you what 2022 has brought to our company. We […]

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What is Comic Book Curious?

Comic Book Curious, the website you are currently on as you read this article, is a safe haven for those who dabble in, dive into, or live and breathe nerd culture. This space was created to provide people of all ages and from all walks of life to be able to experience and enjoy whatever […]

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Divergent Creators Spotlight: An Introduction

Everyone knows a creative. Someone that spends their time taking something average or ordinary and making it into something unique or making it into an experience. It could be someone who takes wire, beads, and natural things to create jewelry. Perhaps a normally quiet individual who hams it up on camera while playing their favorite […]

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Diversity: On the Screens

And Behind the Scenes I am sure most people understand the importance of casting a culturally diverse group of people on screen. If the movie takes place in Egypt, it wouldn’t fit the theme if the entire cast was white Americans pretending to be Egyptian – and it would be an insult to actors and […]

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The Spirit Of Spiritfarer

The only lesson I have left is to show you what we're made of. Of ephemeral starlight. We're but a few particles of thought on the vast stream of consciousness. This is the last thing I can teach you, Stella. That all things change, that all things end. - Summer, Spiritfarer (This article contains spoilers.) […]

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Comic Book Jam 2022

For immediate release: Comic Book Curious, Legion of Eccentrics (LoE), and Wacom are throwing a comic book jam with professors at Portland State University from February 10-13th. This will be an online event where five person teams are working together to create an eight page "zine" over three days.  The participants own 100% of their […]

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Strange Solutions: A Nerdy Consulting Company

Kristen, speaking to the managers of Strange Solutions. First and last names? How long has Strange Solutions been in business? We have been in business since spring of 2019. Official document was filed in April of that year. LLP. How do y’all split the company duties? What are each of your primary tasks? Sean: Kielen […]

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Retailer Spotlight: I Like Comics

Kristen: First and last name? Chris Simons Kristen: How long have you been in business as a comics shop? Chris: 11 years in business! Kristen: Where was your first location? Chris: Our first location was on 4th Plain until the building got leveled for parking. Kristen: How did you get started in the business? Chris: […]

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Max Reacts: Wonder Woman

As I wrote about in a previous article, Wonder Woman with Lynda Carter was my jam when I was a kid. I wanted to watch it with Max and see what he thought of it. Getting Max's opinion on shows I loved as a child or remakes of shows I watched is fun, and I […]

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Lynda Carter’s Iconic Wonder Woman

Kristen explores her experience with watching Lynda's Carter Wonder Woman in the mid 90s and how it shaped her view of heroes.

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