Comic Book Curious

Author: Kinsey Campbell

Welcome to Roller Derby

Kinsey takes a look at a YA graphic novel about roller derby! Slam! is the story of 2 friends and their adventures joining opposing teams.

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Sheets: A New Ghost Story

  I know you aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover, but I frequently do. I like a good book cover that can catch my attention when I see it at the library or the bookstore. The comic Sheets has a cover that caught my eye when I walked past it. The adorable […]

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Enter Erica Slaughter

As a kid, I was terrified of monsters. I was convinced there was a monster in my closet; I had nightmares about monsters, and I did not want to watch anything that had monsters in it. When I got older, I discovered there were people who hated monsters as much as me: monster hunters. I […]

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Starter Guide: Supernatural

Look, we get it, scrolling through an infinite number of shows seems overwhelming; even when someone tells us, “Oh, you should check out such and such” there’s a feeling of dread because who knows if it’s worth the time or hassle. Some TV shows have countless episodes or have been running for decades and not […]

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A Warrior, A Cat, and A Harlequin

One of the most popular sections at libraries and bookstores is the young adult graphic novel section. When I was a young adult, this section was tiny and tucked away in dark corners. Now these sections are allowed to be in the light, and they are full of wonderful stories for young adults to read. […]

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Meet Goldie Vance

When I was a kid, I wanted to be Nancy Drew. I read the books and I absolutely loved the 2002 Wonderful World of Disney Nancy Drew movie. I tried opening doors with fake credit cards and bobby pins; it never worked. Nancy Drew was the first detective that I loved, and I have been […]

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Exploring Friendship, Love, and Stress Relief in Giant Days

In September 2016 I started graduate school, and I was immediately stressed. I had papers to write, long research articles to read, and lectures to watch. I handled my stress by eating massive amounts of Reese’s Pieces and by reading. One day I decided to read a comic that had been sitting on my bookshelf […]

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