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Jesus Ceballos

Ms. Marvel: the Best or Worst Disney series?

Jesus writes about the new Marvel series on Disney+, Ms. Marvel. The show features a Muslim female as a superhero. How do you rate this show?

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Homelander: Born Villain or Misunderstood Hero?

Please note: This article contains spoilers. Read with caution. A new season of The Boys has just ended, the Amazon prime series that features Karl Urban as Billy Butcher, and his desire to take revenge on the heroes, especially Homelander, who has done him so much harm. Speaking precisely of the Patriot, actor Antony Starr […]

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Another Captain America?

What if...Chris Evans had turned down the role of Captain America? This article looks at Chris's decision about becoming the first avenger.

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Is Emma Watson Joining the MCU?

Yes! Just as you just read it. Good news that many fans of the Harry Potter movies surely will love. For those of you who don't know Emma Watson, she is an award-winning French-born British actress, model and activist who was appointed a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador in June 2014. Emma is particularly recognized from […]

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Is It Possible To Write Comics In Latin America?

In Latin America, pursuing your dreams of becoming a comic writer requires a lot of effort and dedication, but is it possible?

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