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Author: John Campbell

You Ever Danced With The Devil in The Pale Moonlight? A Celebration Of Batman (1989)

In the shadows of Gotham, death wears a smile, and hope flies through the night sky in black. But only one will claim the night. I want to take you back to a childhood memory of mine. Yes, I realize I’m getting nostalgic, but that’s what us Millenials do, so shush. For as long as […]

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Our Staff Halloween Movie Favorites

With Halloween close upon we thought we would ask our staff what spooky seasonal favorites they plan to pop on their screens this year: NATE LOMBARDI Saw My favorite Halloween movie and horror movie is definitely "Saw. " I remember being so disturbed by it and writhing in fear and discomfort. I'm getting the jeepers […]

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Top 5 Monster Hunters

For as long as humans have been afraid of the dark we have imagined what evil monstrosities dwell within it. We hold a deep and primal attraction to monsters but we also take comfort in heroes that vanquish the evil that scratches on our doors. Audiences love to follow the adventures of characters who take […]

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Starter Guide: James Bond

Look we get it, there are a lot of long running movie franchises out there and it can be daunting to dive into an already existing universe with decades of continuity. This series is about helping you find the best places to start. So James Bond, where to start? James Bond has appeared in 25 […]

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Join Robin Hood!

Robin Hood is a tale told time and again, the kind of mythic legend that gets a fresh coat of paint on it in every generation. I was a child of the 90s, so that means that my Robin Hood was and forever will be Kevin Costner. For reasons I can never understand, this opinion […]

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Starter Guide: Doctor Who

Look, we get it, scrolling through an infinite number of shows seems overwhelming; even when someone tells us, “Oh, you should check out such and such” there’s a feeling of dread because who knows if it’s worth the time or hassle. Some TV shows have countless episodes or have been running for decades and not […]

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You’ll Believe A Man (of Steel) Can Fly

“They are a good people, Kal-El, should they choose to be. It is for this reason, their capacity for good, that I send them you: my only son.” Many actors have played Superman, but only one of them IS Superman. Christopher Reeve embodied every aspect of the Man of Steel and his alter-ego, mild-mannered reporter […]

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Top 5 Superhero Fights

There are so many reasons why superheroes dominate the movie box office but, let’s be honest, we love to watch them ball up their fists and throw down. Whether possessing incredible powers or just insane skills honed by years of training we love to watch our heroes punch evil in its stupid face. So let’s […]

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Top 5 Fictional Presidents

Presidents are people just like the rest of us and have their flaws and foibles (some more than others). But in fiction we can create our ideal leaders, ones of unbending character and altruistic motives. In our more challenging times we look to these characters to imagine living in a more perfect world. With that […]

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Top 5 TV Detectives

John Campbell looks at legendary television detectives in a top five count down to his favorite. Check to see if yours made the list!

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