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Isaac Willbanks

DC and Webtoon: The Gentrification of Webcomics

DC Comics, home to the World’s Greatest Superheroes announced on August 17th, 2021 that they would be entering the world of webcomics through a partnership with Webtoon, the internet’s premiere source of webcomics. While little has been said about the future of this deal, or any of the “several” titles planned, DC has already released […]

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The Context Of Watchmen

Isaac Willbanks explores the comic industry surrounding Alan Moore's Watchmen, giving a historical context for these stories.

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Webtoon, and You: Why You Need To Make Webcomics

When the pandemic started, I was working for a banking company in Springfield, MO. Things got serious in the midwest, and they moved all of their customer service representatives to remote positions. As soon as that happened, everything hit the fan, and I was stuck at a job I hated, with no tools to make […]

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Band of Bards Are Doing Good With Comics

As a long time comic reader, I am on the everlasting hunt for new titles from unique voices that are able to help me fully understand the sheer power that the medium of comics is able to convey. Luckily, I am never looking for long, as the internet has brought us a new golden age […]

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Superman is Real, and He is From Portland

Excalibur Comics, Justin Zimmerman and Their Superheroic Community Work The 2020’s were hailed as the decade to put an end to the 2010’s and bring a new age of hope and enlightenment to the masses of the world. We are well past Blade Runner, and the future is finally here! Unfortunately, the exact opposite has […]

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