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Frank Somma

Austin Books and Comics, Austin TX

When you visit the website for Austin Books and Comics they welcome you with an introduction to who exactly they are that really sums it up better than anything I could try to make up on my own. Austin Books and Comics is: “Central Texas' biggest, longest-running comic store and pop culture retailer. We have […]

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What the Heck is a Non Fungible Token?

Let me start by saying, we here at Comic Book Curious are aware of both sides of the argument in regard to cryptocurrency and NFTs. We will be addressing all angles of the technology, its impact on culture and the people who create and purchase content within this ecosphere. This article is meant to be […]

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How to Holiday Shop for the Comic Book Geek in your Life

Frank walks you through how to to holiday shop for those in your life who love comic books and comic related merchandise.

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Getting Your Kids Into Comics

I stopped reading comic books in my mid twenties for a couple of years before picking up again digitally on an iPad and catching up on the back issues I had missed. I was fine with the idea of reading comic books on an iPad for quite a few years actually, until I had a […]

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre: A Look Back

Hey folks, my name is Frank and I am your new friendly neighborhood horror fiend reporting for duty. This is my time of year without a doubt. I’ve watched horror movies all year long since I was a tween. So when the rest of the world comes along for the ride for one month of […]

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More Than A Customer

Learn how to become friends with the employees at your LCS. It’s amazing how much you can get to know someone as you pick up new comic books.

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