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Creator Spotlight - Interview with Coleton Mastick

Welcome back to another creator spotlight! If you haven’t read last week’s interview with Mario Candelaria be sure to go check that out, but this week I had the pleasure of chatting with Coleton Mastick. As creator, writer, and artist on StarBurn, Coleton is well acquainted with the comic creation process. We get to discuss […]

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Creator Spotlight - Interview with Mario Candelaria

Welcome to the first in what will be a new series of features here at Comic Book Curious! The indie comics community is bursting with talent and full of insightful individuals, with this Creator Spotlight series I’m taking the chance to chat with some of these creators about their influences and work in the industry. […]

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On Continuity in Superhero Comics

Much like the history of comic continuity, my relationship with continuity in comics is complicated. Before going any further into it there are a couple of predicates to establish. I’m talking specifically about continuity in the “Big Two”, Marvel and DC, superhero comics. It’s also imperative that I clarify what I mean by continuity. I’m […]

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How to Get Into the X-Men

First I just want to say if you’re here, congratulations. Seeing this headline and deciding to make that jump anyway is brave. The X-Men are ridiculous and I mean that in the best way possible. More than that, finding a way into X-Men comics is ridiculously, and notoriously, difficult. Like many comic book characters, the […]

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