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Diversity: On the Screens

And Behind the Scenes I am sure most people understand the importance of casting a culturally diverse group of people on screen. If the movie takes place in Egypt, it wouldn’t fit the theme if the entire cast was white Americans pretending to be Egyptian – and it would be an insult to actors and […]

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Movie Review: Beast

For this week's movie review, Franklin is writing about the film Beast starring Idris Elba. The movie features a vengeful lion out for blood.

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Cosplay Corner: Coco Cosplay

When people start their journey as a cosplayer, it usually begins with just one reason or costume. It then spirals into a bunch of other costumes and experiences that eventually immerse you fully in cosplay. This turning point is usually a convention or a moment of seeing others do this thing you only imagined and […]

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An Origin Story: San Diego Comic Con

An Interview with Mike Towry, Co-Founder of SDCC In 2014, I moved into an apartment across from the San Diego Convention Center. That July an unforgettable wave of energy pulsed through the city - traffic jams, billboards, roadblocks, costumes, and celebrities stormed onto Harbor Drive. I stared out the window of our high-rise, my face […]

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Living with a Graphic Novelist

Erin Edwards, one of our newest writers and an almost-nerd, writes about an introduction she has had to nerd culture via her roommate, Gabe.

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Creator Spotlight: Interview with Frankee White

Welcome back to another creator spotlight! If you haven’t read the previous entry, an interview with Issac Willbanks and Devin Arscott, be sure to go check it out! This week I had the pleasure of chatting with Frankee White, writer of books such as EAT MY FLESH, DRINK MY BLOOD, and the just-launched WHO KILLED […]

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Cosplay Corner: Sasuke’s Side Chick

"If you told me four years ago I'd be doing cosplay like this, I probably wouldn't believe you," Says Onyinye Onyeka, aka Sasuke's Side Chick, during our interview. "I've always been interested in anime and manga, but seeing other people cosplay gave me the leap of faith I needed to cosplay myself." Onyinye has been […]

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Movie Review: The Man From Toronto

The Man From Toronto is a comedic and action movie. Directed by Patrick Hughes, The Man From Toronto is a film about a case of mistaken identity where a notorious assassin known as The Man From Toronto is confused for a screw-up known as Teddy, and they are forced to work together because of the […]

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7 African Comic Book Companies You Didn’t Know You Needed

Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse Comics, just to name a few, are the most mainstream comic book companies out there. It's easy to see why because they've been in the game for a long time, but very few people know that there are comic book companies that aren't based in North America and Asia for […]

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Cosplay Corner: Ezii Jude

"Cosplay to me is a creative outlet, a way to express myself," Ezii Jude said as we talked about her love for cosplay. Despite just beginning her cosplay journey Ezii Jude is someone to watch; Avatar inspired her first costume, teaching her the important details of the art of cosplay. The garnering interest of Nigerian […]

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