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Art Fight

July 4, 2022

Art Fight, first created in 2007, is a yearly game that lasts for one month (Art Fight begins on the 1st of July every year). It surrounds giving and getting art for a whole month. It is a web-based graphic art game that was created to inspire creativity and bring fun to different communities from around the world. Players are split into two themed teams and "attack" characters of artists on their opposing team to earn points for their team. Each attack is worth a specific amount of points based on effort, detail, and completion. The idea of this competition-style event is for artists of various skill levels to give and receive the art of theirs and others' characters. When the month comes to an end, the team with the higher score wins.

Cover image for art fight featuring a blue cat (team 1) and a red person (team 2) each holding an art tool

Credit: Art Fight

Players can register here to the site to join the game by making a username and password, entering a valid Email address, and including your date of birth for confirmation. All players who sign up for Art Fight get separated into two teams based on a theme every year. The theme is announced shortly before the commencement of the competition. Past themes have included Past vs. Future, Dream vs. Nightmare, Land vs. Sea, Sugar vs. Spice, Day vs. Night, Pirate vs. Ninjas, Coffee vs. Tea, etc.

Once you have created an account and joined a team, you have the liberty to browse the list of members of the opposing team. Each player will have a profile page that lists their attacks, any attacks against them affecting their points, and a list of their characters. You select a character to create art for and are free to use any style. Upon submitting your attack and having it approved, you will earn points for your team. Every time you make an attack, you will get more points. Points can also be gained from the community at large. Each person will be able to vote on your art. You will get more points if they like your art. When you make better art, you will get more points in the long run, which could be in your favor.

The red person drawing a picture of the blue cat team 2 member for Art Fight.

Credit: Art Fight

You participate in Art Fight when you attack the characters belonging to members of the other team. You do this by searching through and finding characters that belong to the opposing team that interest you and making art that revolves around these characters to "attack" them. You can make art as complex as a scene including the whole bodies of 100 characters or as simple as a quick sketch of one character's hand. You can also use other art forms, such as sculpting, painting, or online modeling. Submit the photos using the character's ID to place the attack. Some people may attack your characters or attack you after you make the first attack. If you receive an attack, consider returning the attack by creating art for one of the characters belonging to your attacker, or you can choose to attack someone else from the opposing team. You can start a “revenge chain” if you and a member of the opposing team would like to draw each other’s characters repeatedly. You can also engage in “Friendly Fire,” where members of the same team attack each other’s characters. However, friendly fire attacks are often worth fewer points than regular attacks.

Here are some of the general rules of Art Fight:

  • You must be of the age of 13 or older to register for and use Art Fight.
  • A person is limited to only one active account. Joining teams on multiple accounts during the event is against the rules.
  • Do not try to impersonate or mimic any members, especially staff.
  • Art Fight aims to be a safe place for every user. Hateful or discriminatory content and behavior are prohibited site-wide and will be removed. Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia, and Sexism will not be tolerated.
  • Sexually explicit content in any medium is prohibited. This includes content and arts submitted by users, profiles, user permissions, icons, etc., even if cropped or censored.
  • Content and arts that may violate, harm, or threaten the safety or personal rights of any individual are not allowed, which includes disclosing people's personal information.
  • Disrespect and harassment of other users will not be tolerated. This includes publicly calling out others. Please take concerns directly to a moderator, or be sure to use the report button.
  • Do not insult or mock other users' art or characters. This includes bashing certain species or art styles, as well as your art.
  • Art theft is strongly prohibited. That is, directly or indirectly using an image you did not create yourself, tracing, directly referencing another user's artwork, or using someone else’s art as parts or components of your work without permission.
  • Do not trade or sell any design you receive from others unless you have permission from the creator.
  • Only upload characters or arts that belong to you or that you have been given permission to use (with proof in case you are being asked). Do not upload images that you do not have permission to use in characters and attacks.
  • Simple or ordinary objects with no features or characterizations are not acceptable due to heavy simplicity, such as a red ball with no features. This is due to the potential abuse of such simplicity, and it also takes away the creative aspect of Art Fight.
  • Posting real-life pictures of yourself for a character reference is okay if you are not a minor. This is to ensure the safety of underage users on the site.
  • Creating a character to gain art to sell it is prohibited. Do not use art earned or made for Art Fight for profit, for example, character sales, auctions, sales, etc.
  • Be kind to users on the opposing team. Benign aggressive and combative to opponents is not acceptable in any form.
  • Respect the character permission of every user, failure to do so will result in attack removal.

You can get the rest of the rules here.

About the author: My name is Franklin Ifeanyi. I am someone who likes to help people; I hope to do that with writing.

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