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AFAR: Book 2 Kickstarter Profile

August 19, 2021

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AFAR: Book 2

A kickstarter image of the cover of AFAR

Credit: Leila del Duca, Kit Seaton


Leila del Duca. Kit Seaton


$38,000 ($4,861 funded at time of writing)


“AFAR: Book 2 stars Ixcel (they/them), who discovers their ability to astral project during the busiest time of their life. To make things worse, an annoying astral projector named Boetema (she/her) won't leave them alone! She says Ixcel's planet is in danger!” – Leila del Duca

A panel from the graphic novel featuring Ixcel

Credit: Leila del Duca, Kit Seaton


AFAR: Book 2 is a sequel four years in the making! Described as a mix of “The Nameless City meets Star Wars” these books are set in a fantasy world heavily influenced by North Africa. Boetema is a magical girl who can use astral projection to control people and see the world light years into the future. In this follow up graphic novel, she is using her powers to try and help Ixcel save their planet. A fun and gripping mix of sci-fi/fantasy and thriller, this book will keep the audience on the edge of their seat.

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