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Remember when being a nerd was frowned upon?  Before everyone was “nerding out” about what they’re passionate about? When wearing a Spiderman T-Shirt was only for geeks? Those days are long gone, and the world of superherodom, Pop-Culture and Gaming is booming, both in comics and on screen. Plus, there is soooo much more content to highlight beyond what the vast majority may be aware of! We are ready!

Comic Book Curious (CBC) is a fun and safe place for ALL nerds — old and new! We will offer a deeper dive into the human interests stories of nerd culture. Of course, we’ll cover fun facts and stories about the creators and performers behind the products we love as well.


Why are these stories beloved and important? How do they correlate to our daily lives?

Our site will have interviews with mainstream and indie comic book creators, including the ones behind the scenes that don’t come to mind at first. We’ll enthusiastically dive deeply with famous actors, writers and directors that you love.

We already have a dozen highly talented and amusing bloggers that will write about movies, comics, table top/video games, cosplay and other human interest stories. 

Why Follow us?

Diversity, inclusion and representing underrepresented creators (and fans) will be some of our core values. CBC will be a fun and safe space for people to learn, share, contribute and feel fully seen and heard. No trolling here!

You’ll be able to engage with our different content on our website, on social media, on YouTube and from podcasts. If you’d like we’ll keep you updated on what we’re up to, please share your email.

We’re excited to learn more about you and share some inspiration!
Nate Lombardi of Comic Book Curious

Nate Lombardi


Nate Lombardi thought of this crazy online magazine because he had some serious nerd envy. He was watching the Avengers films again with his girlfriend, and didn’t know nearly enough about this world. He works with underserved youth in New York and Flint and loves to find ways “To put spinach on their pizza.” 

When Black Panther and Wonder Woman came out...he and his students nerded out about them, and it changed his life. Now, with his non-profit The Groovy Projects, he’s creating an innovative superhero universe with some awesome people, and a cool national music video competition.

Nate’s performed with some awesome people in NY. He loves long walks with audible books, volleyball, movies, storytelling, and social impact. You’ll find him in Harlem, LA, San Diego or Allentown at any given time. (Nightcrawler ‘tings)
John Campbell of Comic Book Curious

John Campbell

 Director Of Content

John Campbell is a writer, podcast host, and voice actor in Portland, OR. You can hear him every week on the podcasts Panel Up!, The Action Shelf, The Green Mile, and Campbell & Jones Meet The Monsters. He is a cast member of the 40’s style radio series The Tesla City Stories. He spends most of his time reading comic books and watching movies with his beloved cat, Columbo.
Sean A Wynn aka Cerius Blaq

Sean A. Wynn a.ka. Cerius Blaq

Founder and Customer Relations Manager of Strange Solutions Marketing & Consulting.

Previously the Regional Manager for Things From Another World, Sean has 15+ years experience in various nerdom.  His expertise in vendor relations, purchasing,  social media marketing, sales and strategy lead him to start his own company; Strange Solutions.  Often acting as a consultant for creators, publishers and pop-culture business owners, he has developed a network within the industry useful to all. Accompanied by his background in Office and Retail management, he brings professionalism to various hobbies.

In his personal time, he is also one of three members of the Nerd Activist Hip Hop group, The Preytorians; providing lyrics under the names Cerius Blaq or Baddwolfe.

To maintain sanity, he also dabbles in customizing action figures, often focusing on creating characters of color or superheroes that can highlight underrepresented or marginalized groups.  You can see his work on his customizing Instagram or Facebook Group called “ Mix Master Makers” .

Kristen Lormand-Yoerger of Comic Book Curious

Kristen Lormand-Yoerger

Kristen Lormand-Yoerger lives in the PNW with her husband, son, and assortment of furry animals. She has an MA in English, which has been underused until now. Kristen spends most of her time sewing, listening to audiobooks, building with Legos, and playing video games.
Gabriel Valentin of Comic Book Curious

Gabriel Valentin

Gabriel Valentin is a lover of all things fantasy, video games and comics. He is the creator and head writer for the groundbreaking graphic novel series Digital Lizards of Doom and the founder of Dizzy Doom Media, a publishing company that fights to unravel the well kept secrets of the comic-book industry, and give them freely to the creators.
Captain Chris Layman of Comic Book Curious

Captain Chris Layman

“Captain Chris” is a theater kid who became a historian but never lost his love for gaming of all sorts, making snarky comments at bad movies, seeing the world’s largest ball of twine, doing fun voices in D and D campaigns, and creative storytelling.

Captain Chris currently lives in Los Angeles where he makes a modest living as a teacher of humans and robots because, “One of those will take over the world; seems like a good idea to be on good terms with both!”
Brian Sheridan of Comic Book Curious

Brian Sheridan

Brian Sheridan likes to write. To date, he’s written a handful of screenplays, comedy sketches, one musical, three novels, two novellas, one graphic novel, and countless blogs, articles, and assorted internet posts. Occasionally, he even gets paid for it.

You can find his books on Kindle, and he hopes to publish one of his comics soon.
Emilee Araujo of Comic Book Curious

Emilee Araujo

Emilee Araujo is a cinephile, writer, and a graduate of Texas State University where she majored in English with a film concentration. She was drawn to Comic Book Curious because she loves to read about all things in nerd culture. You can catch her at your local taqueria eating tacos or follow her on Instagram @pan.dullce.
Jesus Ceballos of Comic Book Curious

Jesus Ceballos

Jesus Ceballos, Professional photographer, founder of Disarty Company, author of three books under the pseudonym Jescribe, social networking and Community Manager. Jesus was born in Venezuela and is a great fan of the Lord of the Rings, game of thrones and the fantastic world of superheroes.
Joshua Gao of Comic Book Curious

Joshau Gao

Joshua Gao is an entrepreneur, a high school student, and the proud owner of a husky puppy. Growing up, he loved watching superhero movies, especially the ones like Iron Man, where the craziest science theories gave birth to high-tech gadgets used to save the world. Today, Joshua is the Co-Founder and CEO at SAFE, where he is building a fire extinguisher that utilizes sound waves to suppress fires.
Markie Rustad of Comic Book Curious

Markie Rustad

Markie Rustad is an avid reader, writer, and gamer currently living in the Pacific Northwest with her cat and long-term boyfriend. She currently holds an Associate of Arts degree, and will be pursuing a Bachelors in English. Outside of all things literary, she spends a lot of time crafting various things, wasting time on the internet with friends, and playing Final Fantasy XIV.

Find her on twitter: @_felicityryan , or instagram: @felicity_reads
A photo of Mike Gorgone

Mike Gorgone

Mike Gorgone is a writer and podcast host from Oregon. You can hear him every week spinning yarns of epic adventure on the actual play podcast Material Components and discussing pop-culture over on Panel Up. His favorite die size is a d12 even if 2d6 is statistically superior.

Twitter & Instagram: @mkgorgone, @MatComRPG, @PanelUpPod
Shaun Barton of Comic Book Curious

Shaun Barton

Shaun says what many don't in a way all can understand and relate to. Shaun believes the expression and exchange of different opinions is the key to creating whatever world we want this to be. Without those things, we all lose the individuality, imagination, creativity, and ultimately freedom that makes us who we are.

Shaun’s purpose is to induce thought which induces conversation, which induces debate, which induces possibility, which induces action, which induces progress, which induces HOPE!
A photo of Isaac Willbanks

Isaac Willbanks

On the off chance that you find Isaac Willbanks without a computer in his lap, typing away furiously… You will find him with his nose in a book, or with his face tucked behind a dungeon master screen, plotting the adventures of a handful of epic warriors! Isaac resides in a small Missouri town and is the author of both Odinson and The Sentinel. Two upcoming comic-book adventures that are being published by Dizzy Doom Media.
Brendan Jones photo

Brendan Jones

Portland, Oregon resident Brendan Jones (Aries) is an obsessive lifelong pop culture fetishist. But on the other hand he has a tremendous singing voice. Perhaps most famous as Kid Fixxit on the Channel 39 Funtime Kids Club in Houston, Texas (1993-1995), he is also the creator of the long-running old time radio revival The Tesla City Stories (tickets on sale now) and, in the before-times, he wrote and drew the quasi-notorious comic Breakfast of the Gods.

a photo of Oluwatobi

Omotoso "Tobi" Oluwatobi

Omotoso Oluwatobi is a Fashion and Lifestyle Writer, Content Creator, Social Media Manager and Activist. She’s a professional tree-hugger and spends most of her time advocating for Sustainable Development Goals. She’s a Biotech Undergrad and her love for sci-fi lends to her obsession to comic books and The Joker.
A picture of Lais Reid

Lais Reid

I'm your guy Lais Reid a.k.a. Chipz-N-Stix and I love to talk about video games. I do impressions and reviews for games that spark an interest and get me going. You can expect to find out if certain games are worth your hard-earned money or if you should keep an eye out for the best video game deals to get the game you want for a cheaper price. Nothing makes me feel better than helping gamers (both casual and hardcore) save some money and still enjoy playing video games! I'm a Pokemon, Metal Gear and Kingdom Hearts fan. I’m always down to trade and even practice battling!

A picture of KK

Ka’eo “Kk" Kawa’a Jr

Hawaiian 80’s kid, comic geek, gym freak with a background in music & combat sports; sharing my passion for the arts, life in general & raising mental health awareness.

Angelee van Allman

Angelee van Allman is an Absurdist artist and book cover designer. Her art often features strange and uncomfortable combinations of creatures and textures, to beautiful and/or comic effect. She enjoys dark and ironic subversion of purpose and speculative future narratives. She also just really enjoys throwing around phrases like "subversion of purpose." Angelee is neurodivergent and deeply committed to autistic and otherwise neurodiverse visibility. We're here, we're weird, and you might be too. Join us.

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