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Comic Culture: How Collecting, Conventions, and Stores have Built a Community for Fans and Creators

...decades. The history of comic book collecting can be traced back to the 1930s when the first comic books were published. Over the years, comic book collecting has grown in...

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Midtown Comics: From Astoria to Times Square and Beyond

...selling comics in their video stores in Brooklyn and Queens, and noticed a void in New York’s comic book retail landscape. They decided to open the flagship Midtown Comics store...

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Little Fish Comic Savvy

...for the comic artform in all its various styles, genres, and purposes. He is an active comic professional, a 2021 Eisner Comic Industry Judge, and founder of Little Fish Comic...

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Growing Up with Geek Culture: A Retrospective Look at My Childhood Obsessions

...experience here: The second was that I seen an issue of a comic book I had purchased 10 years earlier selling for $800!! I sold a copy of NYX...

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Embracing Inclusivity and Diversity at Mile High Comics

...comics, listing prices for back issues and helped establish the back-issue market as a valid commodity. Mile High Comics is a popular destination for families and comic book enthusiasts alike....

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Comic Book Artists Are the Greatest on the Planet: An Interview with Mark Irwin

...loves most: surfing, heavy metal, and comics.* Credit: DC Comics Comic Book Curious: What would you say to high school kids right now who want to become Mark Irwin? How...

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Little Fish, Big Splash: Interview with Alonso Nunez

...Nunez, and student guest writers! Alonso and I sipped coffee as we discussed non-profits, Little Fish, and social skills for budding comic nerds.   Comic Book Curious: How did Little...

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Kolanut Productions: World's Largest Black Comic Universe

...Productions, the largest publisher of African comics and webtoons in the world. Comic Book Curious: How did you get started into the comic universe? Obichukwu Udeh: I like to refer...

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Art Changes Lives

...your average comic book. All comics are collaborative, from the writer, colorist, and penciler, however, this comic is made for the fans, by the fans. Comic Book Curious hosted a...

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Comic Book Curious: End of Year in Review

...jam early in the year. We had a number of participants write, draw, ink, and color their own comics. These comics were judged and reviewed by industry heavyweights Tini Howard,...

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