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7 African Comic Book Companies You Didn’t Know You Needed

September 9, 2022

Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse Comics, just to name a few, are the most mainstream comic book companies out there. It's easy to see why because they've been in the game for a long time, but very few people know that there are comic book companies that aren't based in North America and Asia for those that love to read manga. There are a wide array of comic book companies spread across the African Continent, all creating fantastic content that can rival even the biggest comic book companies.

Here are 7 of the best comic book companies across the African Continent you most likely didn’t know about:

The cover of the graphic novel Malika

Credit: YouNeek Studios

1. YouNeek Studios

YouNeek Studios play on the word Unique, and they are a Nigerian- based comic book company. They were frustrated at the lack of African Inspired content in mainstream Nerd culture and entertainment and decided to do something about it. They created their own universe (Youniverse) where their characters can thrive, rich in African history and stories. Their universe contains different stories from different time periods running concurrently, one of the most popular being E.X.O., The Legend Of Wale Williams, which is set in a futuristic Lagos, Nigeria. They create stories that stand the test of time and fully represent the audience they are capturing.

The cover of Comic Republic's The Might of Guardianprime

Credit: Comic Republic

2.Comic Republic

They pride themselves on being the home of Africa's Greatest Superheros, with a creation of their own universe and timeline. This Nigerian Based comic book company has a vast collection of stories from stand-alone to timeline stories within their universe, with a wide range of storytelling from Afrofuturism to historical fiction. With stories like Metaiye Knights and African Roots, they have a lot to keep you entertained. They neatly catalogue their superheroes and timelines on their website to keep you on track.

The cover for 7 Years of Spirit Fiction

Credit: Vortex

3. Vortex

Born out of the love for Afrogreek culture, they created this avenue to tell African stories in a multifaceted way. They have a wide array of stories across their universe all catering to a different demographic. They have excellent graphic novels, Spirit Wars, Mumu Juju and a variety of others, even going as far as to create Afro Manga, an entirely new genre of graphic novels.

4. Awonda Comics

Up and coming in the African comics industry, Awonda Comics hit the ground running with their comics Misfits and Adura. Leaning more toward the drama aspect of comic creation than the heavy sci-fi relation of most comic book companies

5. Leti Art

Taking superhero comics to the next level, Leti Arts aim to pass a message on the critical issues affecting Africa. Their library includes a vast collection of near-future superheroes that have stories based on mythology and culture. Not only are they creating comics and novels but also video games of these stories.

6. Loyiso Mkize Art

This South African artist seeks to share the stories of their community. They created their first graphic novel Kwezi. The story follows a teenager with a destiny bigger than he could have imagined, which is apt because Kwezi in Xhosa and Zulu means Star.

7. Bayou

Aya is one of the stories created by Bayou writer and creator Marguerite About, one of the most successful and international comic writers today. Her critically acclaimed graphic novel series Aya of Yop City are not superhero stories; they are real tales of daily life in her birthplace of Côte d'Ivoire. Drawn by her husband Clément Oubrerie, Aya was created out of Marjorie's desire to show Africans in a light other than famine and war, so often portrayed on television.

This is a short list of some fantastic comic book companies in Africa. They tell a wide array of amazing stories that will keep you wanting more. So now, when you think of comic book companies, western companies won't be the only ones in your mind. Please read some of these stories and tell us what you think.

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